Bali Sea Walker

Bali Sea Walker  is one of  the fantastic activities to allows everyone  enjoying the marine life With minimum equipment and minimum fuss during your holiday on the island, besides traveling to the best place to go in Bali, we recommend you to try water sports activities in Bali. Bali island offers plenty of kind of water sports activities, such as Bali white water rafting, and water sports Tanjung Benoa and one of the marine activities love by travelers is Bali Sea walker Tour.

Furthermore, Sea walker sometimes calls as underwater ocean Walker is a marine walk recreation diving activity. While most dive operations use scuba equipment, but on Sea walker activity participants gone, use a helmet and going into the seabed through a ladder and members walk on the seafloor, this is why the event calls as sea walker or underwater ocean walker.

Therefore, the questions now, if there is an intro scuba dive activity why people choose to do underwater ocean, Walker? The reality, not all people have experienced in scuba dive event but want to see and feel a marine life directly, this is why sea walker activity created.

Some people consider Sea walker Bali is an expensive thing to do, of course, that just an opinion. If you compare to the amazing adventure experience that you will get with Sea walker Bali, then it will be valuable for your money.

Sea walker Step By Step Process

  • So after you change to swim-wear, the staff will escort you by boat to dive spot located.
  • Professional staff will assist you in using the sea walker equipment.
  • Participants escorted by the professional scuba diver when you go down to the seafloor.
  • You now can walk around on the seafloor, and the professional scuba diver will be around monitoring.
  • With specially design helmet you can talk and breathe. Therefore, if you use glasses, you may wear them.
  • You need to change to your swimsuit and wait for the boat that will escort you to the underwater ocean where the dive spot located.

Professional staff put a helmet that keeps the water out and lets you breathe normally, and the helmet is quite heavy if you outside the water, but you will not feel the weight if you in the water. The staff will ask you not to bend down while you enter the seawater. If you bend down the seawater will go into your helmet, so make sure you do not bend down at all. Also, to go down to the seabed, you will use a six-meter ladder.

So after you go into the water, all the fun begins. Also, you can call fish to come close to you and see the beautiful coral reef. The adventure will be amazing especially for those who never do underwater activities and every second will be unforgettable. Walking on the sea, need a bit of effort, and when you get used to it, you will be able to jump and having fun.

The sea Walker staff will monitor your underwater activities. While after 30 minutes underwater, participants escorted back to the surface. Then the sea Walker staff will escort you back to the beach where sea Walker events start.

Bali Sea Walker Prices:

 Adult   USD 95 per person
 Children (9 – 12 years old)  USD 70 per child

Note : The Price above is Not included Hotel transfer.
Please see the Hotel transfer rate bellow:

  • Tuban / Kuta / Jimbaran : IDR 200.000,-/Car
  • Ubud / Tanah Lot : IDR 350.000,-/Car
  • Seminyak / Legian : IDR 200.000,-/Car
  • Pecatu / Uluwatu : IDR 250.000,-/Car
  • Sanur : IDR 200.000,-/car

Price Include :

  • Safety instruction
  • Professional Sea walker Instructors
  • Sea walker safety equipment
  • Locker
  • Changing room and shower facilities
  • US$ 100,000 insurance coverage

What to bring : Swimsuit, Sunscreen, Money for other needs, If you want to use your own underwater camera, make sure it is designed to be used down to a depth at least 8 meters, A change of clothes.

NOTE : This Adventure Activities can Combine with Bali Tour Program Here!, Contact Us  for further detail and Best price !

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